TruGenta™ PTM Injection Therapy

TruGenta™ Therapy Combined with Placenta Tissue Matrix (PTM) Growth Factors for Enhanced Healing

TruGenta™ PTM Therapy combines high concentrations of living, functional, tissue forming Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from a patient’s own tissue sample with Placenta Tissue Matrix Therapy or PTM. PTM provides additional powerful Growth Factors, Collagens, Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Proteins and other Bioactive Molecules naturally found in human placental tissues. These placental tissue components may provide the foundation for the MSC’s to restore tissue structure and further reduce pain & inflammation. The PTM Therapy products are derived from human placental tissues, donated by volunteer U.S. based donors after a live, healthy C-section delivery.

Designed specifically for treating in-office, non-operative sports medicine and interventional applications, Clinicians are able to easily inject this impressive regenerative composition precisely at the site of injury or degeneration to stimulate a plethora of dynamic healing mechanisms. 

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TruGenta™ PTM is state-of-the-art regenerative technology.

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I was scheduled for a hip replacement but cancelled to try the Trugenta PTM Therapy and I am so glad I did! My hip is feeling great and my mobility is much better. You really hit a home run with this incredible technology.” 

- Robert, 65 year old TruGenta™ PTM patient 

The Ultimate Trifecta in Tissue Regeneration


High Concentrations of Living, Functional Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mesenchymal Stem Cells or MSC's are the soft tissue forming cells of the body and also the body's natural repair cells. Freshly isolated MSC's maximize long-term regenerative healing.

Placenta-Derived Growth Factors and ECM Proteins to Provide Tissue Structural Components

Birth tissue growth factors from umbilical cord, amniotic fluid or placenta can act as fertilizer for mesenchymal stem cells. ECM or Extracellular Matrix Proteins are a key component in developing new tissue.

Ability to Recruit Additional Endogenous Stem Cells to the Injection Site

TruGenta™ PTM also has the ability to recruit millions more stem cells the area in which the therapy is injected.