Maximum Regenerative Potential™

TruGenta™ Injection Therapy is a composition of highly concentrated regenerative stem cells, platelets and bioactive growth factors. It is freshly isolated from a patients own body in an ultra-minimally invasive procedure and can be done in one clinic visit in less than two hours. Since TruGenta™ is given back to patient quickly and never frozen, it offers a large number of viable, functional stem cells and platelets.


Eddie George chooses Trugenta™ for his severe joint pain

After many years being a running back including for the Ohio State University and 9 years in the NFL, Heisman Trophy winner and All-Pro football player Eddie George suffered from severe knee pain until he was treated with the TruGenta™ Injection Therapy.

Simple 3-Step, Non-Surgical Procedure!

Step 1 - Obtain Tissue Sample


A small tissue sample is extracted in a minimally invasive procedure. The tissues used are from the bodies richest source of stem cells.  A blood sample is also taken to produce platelet rich plasma or PRP which adds a substantial amount of growth factors.

Step 2 - Produce TruGenta™

Stem Cell Therapy

The tissue sample is processed to isolate and concentrate the stem cells and the blood sample is processed to produce the PRP. The stem cells, platelets and bioactive growth factors are combined to maximize regenerative potential.

Step 3 - Injection

Platelet Rich Plasma

The highly concentrated viable regenerative stem cells, platelets and other growth factors are injected precisely where they need to be using ultrasound or fluorscopic guidance.

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TruGenta™ Injection Therapy