Your Own Stem Cells or Umbilical "Stem Cells"?

Our TruGenta™ GFX therapy ends this debate! Recently launched, TrugGenta™ GFX is a combination therapy which includes living functional stem cells derived from a patients own body (the only way to obtain viable stem cells) and birth tissue growth factor products derived from umbilical, placenta or amniotic tissues/fluids. 

Due to confusing marketing practices, most patients and many physicians don’t realize that birth tissue derived therapies only have growth factors in them and no living stem cells. Now patients don’t have to choose between the two. 


TruGenta™ GFX

TruGenta Injection Therapy Combined with Birth Tissue Derived Growth Factors

TruGenta™ GFX combines millions of living functional stem cells from a patients own body with birth tissue derived growth factors.  Although birth tissues therapies such as umbilical and placenta "stem cell" therapies don't actually contain living stem cells (despite what many patients are being told) they do contain growth factors that can help your own stem cells grow and thrive in the area they are injected.

   Cryopreserved birth tissue therapies are rich in growth factors, cytokines, proteins (fibronectin, laminin, among others), and hyaluronic acid. The natural properties of the birth tissues help protect and re-develop injured or degenerative areas. Combining these growth factors with viable stem cells is a new exciting area of regenerative medicine.

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