TruGenta™ Patient Testimonials

Check out how these patients are getting back to the activities they love with TruGenta™ Injection Therapy

Check out this great video of Eddie George's Testimonial after receiving the TruGenta™ Stem Cell Therapy nearly one year ago.

79 Year Old Arthritis Patient Avoids Joint Replacement

Check out this video testimonial from a 79 year old patient with Bone-on-Bone Arthritis that was facing joint replacement

Avoiding Knee Replacement is Possible

Patient Testimonial | Bone-on-Bone Degenerative Osteoarthritis

TruGenta™ for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Check Out This Amazing Testimonial!

TruGenta™ Injection Therapy Testimonials

Torn Meniscus & Knee Arthritis

“Having the TruGenta therapy is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I had no idea it was available, although stem cells are prominent in Europe and a lot of athletes use it. The procedure makes perfect sense to me in that my body is healing itself. I’m not introducing foreign objects, putting it through surgical trauma, taking pain medications. It’s literally taking cells from one area to help heal another area. Your own body is healing your own body. I have to say it lived up to exactly what they said it would do. I was in and out of the office the same day and eight weeks later, my knee is better than it has been for the past five years. I’m planning on going back this December to have them work on my shoulder next.”  - Beth, TruGenta Patient

Bone-on-Bone Knee Arthritis

I have tried just about everything in my arthritic and painful knees including cortisone and synvisc and nothing was helping anymore.  After the TruGenta treatment my knees feel great and I am back to playing pickleball!  The procedure was no problem and I was surprised that it only took 2 hours. The TruGenta team was very knowledgeable and I like that it was developed by stem cell scientists and experienced doctors.” - Richard, TruGenta Patient

Degenerative Joint Disease

“I am a former college basketball player and very active and I have had multiple injuries and surgeries on my ankles.  I was facing more surgeries but I elected to have the TruGenta stem cell & PRP procedure and I am very glad I did!  Overall the procedure was pretty easy and I was in and out in about 2 hours.  After the treatment I started to have a lot more good days than bad days.  Two months after the procedure I am pain free!  I would definitely do it again if I had to and would recommend it to anyone.” - Dan, TruGenta Patient