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With so much misinformation about stem cell therapy out there, we put together an experienced team of stem cell scientists & physicians to develop the TruGenta™ Injection Therapy to ensure patients get the highest quality regenerative therapy BASED ON SCIENTIFIC FACTS! Unlike many "stem cell" therapies, TruGenta™ contains millions of truly viable, functional stem cells which have never been frozen or shipped around the country. 


All-Pro NFL Running Back Chooses TruGenta™ for His Knee Pain

Stem cell therapy procedure draws ex-football player, Heisman winner to Florida

He took plenty of bruise-forming hits that caused lingering pain in his career. But for former All Pro football player Eddie George, the wear and tear on his knees and back generates the pain that still affects him today. And he sought out help. "I'm looking for ways to get comfort," said George, who took stem-cell injections into each of his knees. "If I were to go running, all hell would break loose on my knees. They'd swell up and ache.”

The solution to George's pain already resided within him, according to the scientists. Clinical director Jason Griffeth said their clinics use TruGenta Injection Therapy, which transfers stem cells from a person's abdomen to parts of the body where they are feeling pain. The regenerative abilities of the stem cells repair the injured tissue in areas lacking those cells, said Griffeth. "You'll always have stem cells, but you're just not getting them in the places they need to be," he said. Patients tend to see gradual pain decrease across several weeks after the procedure. 

The therapy is more routinely to treat aging seniors, military veterans and weekend warriors who still want to be active without going the route of replacement surgery or pain medication. George said he learned about the stem cell therapy from other athletes, such as former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant, who previously tried it. He researched providers for the procedure and discovered an institute offering the TruGenta™ treatment. 

Following the procedure, George walked out of the institute with a band aid on each knee and some wonderment that he didn't feel any pain from the injections. 

“I’ll definitely recommend the TruGenta therapy to my fellow alumni from the NFL.”

A Heisman-award winner as a collegiate player at Ohio State, George was a first-round pick by the Houston Oilers in the 1996 National Football League draft. He rushed for 1,368 yards and eight touchdowns in his rookie season before the franchise moved to Tennessee and became the Titans. George went on to rush for at least 1,000 yards in six more seasons and was named to the four straight Pro Bowls. He also helped lead the Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta. 

George is also talking about getting the TruGenta treatment on his back. And he said he’ll definitely recommend the procedure to his fellow alumni from the NFL.  

Eddie George gets the TruGenta™ Stem Cell Therapy

Eddie George gets the TruGenta™ Stem Cell Therapy

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